9.17.20 first post

i don't know what to put here other than the website going pretty well. still no plan for this. i want something, but idk what to put here. html is new to me so if it looks amateur, it definitely is. this is a project with literally no other plans to it's name, nothing. nada. fluff to say the least. this entire paragraph is filler. filler. filler. words, words, and more words.

9.26.20 art i guess

i'm back, with another post, haven't updated this in a while because school :/, anyways, i decided to make some art related to this website, so enjoy.

10.13.20 what the hell happened these few weeks?

im back from a long break i guess, well, thats because of school and the fact that the pc im typing this on is kinda eh. anyways, some updates since i feel like it.

1. started a little time capsule thingy, occasionally ill put sticky notes and maybe some pictures occasionally inside a mason jar and i'll look at it at maybe dec 31st

2. i am now getting into bandcamp and some of the music on it. i just bought a ton of albums for a dollar so i can listen on the app whenever i feel like it. i'll make a music review section when i feel like it because i really enjoy music, but im a lazy little piss baby

3. got a new iphone 11 pro, ill make some videos with it eventually, but for now, ill chill.

4. ive had several mental breakdowns, 90% are from school, are we even suprised at this point.

10.16.20 *deleted*

currently got [ ] specifically for [ ] called "[ ]" or something lol

anyways [ ]

[ ]

10.21.20 thinking about updating site

im thinking about updating this website to have several pages instead of just one. im thinking of adding some pages for my archived videos and these blogs. im not sure when ill get to it, but ill do it.

stay tuned

11.13.20 finally getting to it

so i finally am doing this now, updating this website, so expect changes i guess. before i get to that, some news of whats been happening recently. well for starters, i got a new fridge, so thats pretty nice. i also fixed an ipod i have owned for a while, i just needed to replace the headphone jack. i made one video, just one lol. i now have a redbubble with a few funny (and very horribly designed) pins and shirts and other stuff. link will be somewhere on the first page. and thats it for what i now. i went to daiso a few days ago from writing this and got a ton of snacks, coffee, ramune, stuff like that.

1.6.21 what the hell happened

update: i dont know what happened between the last post lmao, i dont update this alot so like just wait please. im gonna get to it maybe this or next week, no promises tho lmao. 4.27.21 i know what happened know lol / rnssncx

easy solution: school sucks lol, and its hard to focus when nothing is happening. i get distracted pretty easily lol, anyways, new look, rnssncx, renaissance. changing this website and updating it rn, if anyone is looking, hey


hey its me, mr blog man coming back to you trimonthly to remind you im "updating the website", but srsly, ive been doing jack but improving my general life, i am getting the money to fix this old ipod i have. otherwise, been g a m i n g